Three Who Came to Paw Paw

Paw Paw, WV has a lot of history for a small town. A lot of that history has to do with the Civil War! In the book, “Once Upon a Time in Paw Paw”, resident Janet Galliher added this story with details of three soldiers who were part of Paw Paw’s Civil War story. These soldiers were Frederick W. Lander, James Shield and J.D. Imboden


by Janet Galliher

These three soldiers played an important part in the History of Paw Paw.

Brigadier General Frederick W. Lander of the Union Forces was said to be a drunken and profane man. He was so hated by his men they cheered when they received word of his death.

Union Brigadier General James Shield (native of Ireland) succeeded Lander here in Paw Paw. He had fought in the Blackhawk and Mexican Wars.

Colonal J.D. Imboden was commander of the Confederate First Virginia Partisan Rangers. Under his authority the Rangers were organized into a regular command. It was he who captured the Union Forces here in Paw Paw.

Article named "Three Who Came to Paw Paw" featured in the book "Once Upon a Time in Paw Paw
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